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We have found 4 matched communities based on your search criteria. Please select from the communities listed below, or try your search again. Click the links to find details on each new home neighborhood, including prices, square footage, features, and information about how to contact the home builder.

Matched Communities For Yolo County
Virtual Tour Virtual Tour Available
Residence Type/Builder
Starting Prices
Single Family Homes
Shea Homes
3 - 5
From the  $800,000
Single Family Homes
Comstock Homes
2 - 3
From the mid  $600,000
Single Family Homes
Seeno Homes
West Sacramento
3 - 6
From the low  $500,000
Contemporary Homes
Anthem United
West Sacramento
3 - 4
From the mid  $300,000

Prices and terms in the home listings and featured articles on New Homes Online are subject to change
due to the time element between receipt of material and date of publication.

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